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Completed: The Aurelia Blanket 

Over the last month and a half it seems that me and my little family have managed to pick up every illness under the sun going, hence the reason for why there hasn’t been a post for nearly a month. It also hasn’t helped that I’ve had a recent bout of insomnia that, thanks to… Continue reading Completed: The Aurelia Blanket 

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Completed: Mum’s Mother’s Day Socks

After a VERY successful triumph in sock knitting thanks to Christine’s Sockalong and her book, I finally conquered my sockaphobia. So I decided to embark on my 2nd sock knitting adventure by knitting a pair of sock for my Mum’s Mother’s Day present.    (Me 2 Months Ago When Faced with the Idea of Knitting… Continue reading Completed: Mum’s Mother’s Day Socks

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Introducing Pick’a’Knit 

Hi everyone, my name is Adrianne and I’m Pick’a’Knit. I’m a 29 year old mother of a 22 month year old whirlwind, and I live with my partner of 13 years in a new town just outside of Exeter, Devon.    I have many passions, hobbies and interests ranging from going on lovely beach walks,… Continue reading Introducing Pick’a’Knit